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Prepare yourself for an intimate, sensual, no strings attached, unforgettable experience with this unique male escort and companion. Whether it’s for a dinner date, business function, night away or purely for good company Kai is a unique and charming gentleman who will fulfill your every desire. Add some spice to your life and enjoy exploring your fantasies and indulge yourself with your little secrets together with Kai.

Kai is currently training to become a professional Master at Fetish house.
Fetish house is Melbourne's oldest and only dedicated BDSM and Fantasy Dungeon. With professional Mistresses, Masters & Subs to fulfill your every desire.

Kai is not like the others, he lives outside the box as a creator and sculptor of realities and moments. Receive genuine attention and engage in activities with this charming androgynous gentleman. Whether it’s chatting over good food, exploring your sexual desires or just someone to go shopping with. Open yourself to explore that possible fetish, not get judged for it but helped and guided, let this be your special time full of desires and pleasures.

Kai Silver, Your private male escort and companion in Melbourne.
Also available for interstate and overseas service.

Phone: 04 3494 8659

Email: kaisilver@deliveryman.com




More about Kai

Kai was born and bred in Sweden. His accent and style is an alternative to the normal boring everyday. In addition to his friendly and charming demeanour, his many years of experience working with people and in the sex industry really make him open-minded to another level and an understanding male escort. He is down to earth but lives on the edge and can appear in a clean, black, tight suit or if you would prefer something more relaxed then maybe jeans, having that rockstar feel and a big cheeky smile to greet you.

Kai will always entertain with his razor-sharp wit and many talents, now with the added professional training in the arts of BDSM to become a Master. Kai will be able to comfortably and safely take you to your limits and back. Maybe even open your mind and take you further then you knew you could. After careful and thorough planning of activities and hard limits of course.
To be a Dom is not to be abusive, everything in Kai’s sessions is pre negotiated and fully consensual. With his 10 years of professional experience in Swedish massage including a diverse career in the creative arts means that he creates his own toys, tools and costumes and you can trust that he knows how to use them. His gorgeous accent and beautiful hands will ensure that you will be able to relax after your session and enjoy your trip to subspace or use his skills as masseuse to warm you up before indulging in passion. Receive genuine and undivided attention and indulge yourself in your wildest pleasures with a man who will be pleased if he’s pleasing you, in any way you wish. Your time together can be anything from a boyfriend experience (BFE) to a porn star experience (PSE) to the full dungeon experience (BDSM). There are no limits and no judgements in the fun and comfortable company of this authentic, versatile and creative man. Kai tailors himself to fit any occasion, is professional, discrete, imaginative and his passionate dedication to his work guarantees that your time together will be anything but boring.
Kai is a genuine and an honest male escort who takes pride in his work that he loves and there is nothing he wont try at least once (or a few times to be sure).

Loving his work, Kai makes sure his clients are completely satisfied and he always leaves with a smile on his face knowing this. Being an independent escort in Melbourne means that privacy is important and always respected and you can expect that your private escort will be your private secret if you so wish.

Every encounter with Kai is a different and memorable experience because Kai is authentic, eloquent and truly yours. Your time together will be a classy, comfortable and unfathomable work of art sculpted for you specifically.
Enjoy a relaxed yet professional interaction where sexuality has no limits.

This really makes Kai a unique and loyal Melbourne male escort and companion for all occasions with no limits.
So take him out, take him with you. He is of course always happy to travel and go on new adventures.


This 6’3 (190cm) chiselled, flexible and strong Swedish Viking has gorgeously piercing blue eyes and long blond hair to go with his porceline skin. The hair is naturally curly and generally in a ponytail or straighten and out.
His strong arms and large hands are perfect for holding you all night long.

Kai has some tattoos and piercings (which can be easily hidden) though fits seamlessly into any occasion and Kai’s big, cheeky smile is sure to brighten up your day. Kai is always clean shaven and hair free from the neck down. He takes pride in his personal care and hygiene and likes this courtesy to be returned by his clients.


This time is all about you! My service is entirely tailored to you so please provide me with as much information about you and what you desire as you feel comfortable with. The more you tell me the more I will be able to perfect our time together because our time is important to me and shall be treasured with genuine dignity and respect. Your service and experience will depend on your manners and behavior. If I choose to see you and everything is up to both of our likings then there is nothing we can’t do together. So please keep this in mind when contacting me. All experiences require consent form both parties and this is something I respect highly and expect my clients to do also

My service is supreme and unique because of my dedication to perfection and comfort with my work and sexuality. This combined with the fact that I love to spoil makes every encounter special for both you and me. Provided below in the price and service guide are some examples of the things we could do together. There is no limit to what we could do. Whether you are single or a couple the price is the same so I encourage you to bring your partner or lover if you wish. Our time together will be an incredible moment without stress and I will be engaged with every part of my body, mind and spirit.

Ever been curious to trying something taboo or to explore your limits in a safe environment with a professional that won't judge but guide? It doesn't matter if you are a beginners, expert or just not sure what you want. I am here for you. There is nothing as invigorating as exploring new things. Lets find your thing, is it dress-up and role-play, something taboo or restraints and pain? I enjoy indulging in your fantasies, guiding you deeper into the unexplored, and relishing as you share your little secrets with me.
Let me show you the full range and potential of BDSM and Fetish, from tie and teas to as far as you feel comfortable.

I welcome meetings with people of all sexualitys (LGBTQIA+ friendly) as well as disabled as I am incredibly open minded and non-judgemental as well as curios to new experiences. (I don't fit into any box myself))

I offer a 30min meet and greet package for free with all new clients that is interested in a booking of 1 hour or more of full escort service.

All services are tailored to be as private and discrete as you wish.


Birthday special: $100 discount if its your birthday month.

Fetish and BDSM rates are the same and can be included in every session.

1 Hour introduction $50

1 Hour Escort and companion - $400

2 Hours Escort and companion - $600

3 Hours Escort and companion - $800

Additional Hours negotiable

4 hour dinner date - $900

Overnight: dinner to breakfast - $1500

Massage rates starts at $100


1 hour escort

I offer a 30min meet and greet package for free with all new clients that is interested in a booking of 1 hour or more of full escort service and companionship.

This means that we will have time to catch up and talk about what you want our time together to be like and even have a drink or two so that we aren’t making those hours of pleasure after any shorter than necessary.

I cannot disclose more detailed information due to Victorian legislation but I am happy to provide more information as requested so please contact me for more information.

1.5 hour $400

2.5 hours $600

First time, introduction

Anxious or a first timer? Seeking a more tailored experience? Whether you’re making up your mind or simply interested in finding out more, why don’t we meet and go over everything in person. We can have a chat over a cup of tea or even glass of wine at a pleasant location at your convenience. Arranging an introduction meeting is a good way for me to get to know your personality and desires. From then it’s also up to you – if you decide you want more then we can relocate to another place at your leisure or arrange another meeting at a later date.

1 hour introduction $50



Fully qualified and trained in Sweden in Swedish massage with over 10 years experience.
Massage bookings can be a good way to start a date (have a masseuse come to your hotel room and give you a massage) if things are going well then the massage can easily be turned in to something more intimate or just stay as a luxurious private massage.
Another example would be to start with dinner, then go somewhere private for a sensuous massage with something more intimate as desert with bubbles on the balcony as a finale.

  • 1 Hour massage on table $100
  • 2 Hour massage on table $200
  • 1 hour massage on bed $150
  • 2 hour massage on bed $250

For more details and variations on above services please contact me.

Master Kai Silver BDSM

Lunch/dinner Date

Lets meet at a restaurant of your choice for a meal and something nice to drink where we can get to know each other. Maybe you would even prefer having a few cocktails in a secluded corner after at a bar. The choice is yours. Or let me escort you back to your hotel for a private beverage where we can speak more freely and perhaps a sensual massage as a treat before getting entangled in passion. But the night doesn’t have to end there. It could easily be extended to an overnight stay with plenty of intimacy all night long and finishing with a nice long shower together in the morning before breakfast.

4 hour dinner date $900

overnight stay including dinner $1500


ALL Shades of Kai

The dungeon experience. Let me add some spice to your life while we get engulfed in pleasure. Anything from role play to BDSM to any other fetish you might have. Check out the Interstate service list for examples of activities.
Please contact me for more information and negotiation.
I would recommend a minimum of 1.5hours for these sessions for new clients so that we can can thoroughly find out what makes you tick and get to know your body safely.

Example for new clients:

2 Hours BDSM & Fetish $500

30 min (free of charge) meet and greet to plan the session and get to know each other. 70 min playtime and 20 min decompression where we talk about the session and plan for the future while letting our brains and bodies readjust to the world that is outside.

Escort rates applies for Fetish and BDSM sessions, no need pay extra.



  • When contacting your escort, feel free to provide as much information as you feel comfortable with (such as desires, turn on and offs or preferences). This will help to make your time as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.
  • Please make an appointment if you would like to be in contact with your escort. Escorts are generally not available for casual texting or long phone calls. Please ask your escort if this is something you are interested in including in your service.
  • Always pay the agreed rate at the beginning of the appointment; an envelope with the full cash amount is preferred. Other payment options can be arranged such as bank transfer, please discuss this with your escort when booking.
  • Expect the escort that you have hired to be well presented, well spoken and to treat you in a respectful manner at all times. The client is also expected to be respectful and have good hygiene.
  • Safety is never compromised. Escorts are STI tested on a regular basis. All sexual activities are performed with your safety in mind and with the use of protection. Statistically; escorts have less STI’s then other people.
  • The escort can terminate the appointment at any time if he feels unsafe, disrespected or the boundaries of the arrangement are overstepped at any given moment.
    Also you may be added to a Blacklist.
  • Escorts in Victoria can only provide a visiting sexual service. It is illegal to work from the worker’s own home; the service must be provided in the client’s home or at a hotel/motel that the client books and pays for.
  • It is recommended that the client make arrangements such as dinner bookings or hotels before the appointment commences to avoid unnecessary delays.
  • Escorts (‘Sex Workers’) in the state of Victoria, Australia are legal if the individual sex worker registers with the state Business Licensing Authority. Kai's SWA registration number is: SWA9218XE.


Silver, Kai Silver at your service as your secret male escort

Your escort to lean on

Come bite my finger...

Sharp. solid. silver.

Melbourne based escort

Kai Silver, your traveling companion

Your high class male escort with milk and chocolate

The social companion

Kai the escort for your destination

Strong and Silent

Summer days...

Casual friday

Here's looking at you

Working boy

Contemplating escort

Kai the companion with silver lining

Kai is the androgynous male escort

A step up

Viking escorts

Smiling and laughing with you


Rockstar escorts

Kai in tales

Spoon with your companion

Going off the grid...

Whiskey with your companion?



Kai is brilliant. He is sensual, respectful, intelligent and has a beautiful body. We have spent time together on a number of occasions. Each time we explore something new and I learn more about myself. Kai is open, non-judgemental and a great listener. As an older woman I have discovered a renewed capacity for erotic connection in our sessions. Kai can be as gentle or as wild as you like. If you don’t have any ideas about what to do, he certainly does! I feel safe with him wherever we choose to go sexually. I would highly recommend Kai.


Kai is sensational! He's warm he's friendly and he's hot. I've been seeing him for a long time now and every time we meet the experience just gets better.


I've been with an escort before but for some reason I was really nervous before I met Kai - it didn't take long once we had met for me to relax though, and then several more times ;)

If you're wondering whether or not to book, I'd recommend. Kai's got everything a girl wants from an escort and then some, but perhaps the best thing about him is he has that intensity/chemistry that's sort of indefinable but insanely hot, especially with his accent.


Kai was an absolute dreamboat! I recently attended a fairly high class event and brought Kai to accompany me as my plus one. Not only was he charming and fun to spend time with but he also left a few of my friends steaming with envy. Very satisfied with his sensitive and attentive service. It's safe to say I'm hooked on Kaj!


Not only was Kai a chiselled, Swedish rockstar but he was funny and lovely too! I've never done this before and beefed up meat heads aren't really my thing. So when I decided to give Kai a try I was really nervous. But he made me feel like I was walking on air. I wasn't worried at all. I just had a great time!


Thank you for an amazing weekend. This surely have been a special time for me and I cant wait for our next weekend together. Kai is surely someone everyone should have to try and experience.

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Phone: 0434 948 659
E-mail: kaisilver@deliveryman.com

Please make a booking at least 24 hours in advance in order to be accommodated. Short notice bookings will be considered depending on availability due to my busy schedule. Preferred method of contact for short notice bookings is a text or phone call.

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